Revolve: Man's Scientific Rise to Godhood

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Themes and Memes ep9, The Brotherhood of the Bell movie review PDF Print E-mail
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Trans Resister Radio
Tuesday, 29 July 2014 04:43

Themes and Memes, podcast series


On this installment of Themes and Memes Adam and Aaron review The Brotherhood of the Bell, a made for TV film that is well known in alternative media. This podcast is in the same vain as the previous episode which was a review of Rosemary's Baby. The theme of secret society membership, and more specifically how to break from the cult and expose it, is explored here.


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Plato's Symposium an Occult Myth of Androgyny, TRR#98 PDF Print E-mail
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Trans Resister Radio
Thursday, 24 July 2014 04:46

Plato and company


Plato's Symposium presents an esoteric myth of androgyny and the splitting of the sexes. On this podcast Aaron talks a little about the deeper aspects of Symposium and how it relates to modern ideas such as transhumanism.


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