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Tribute to George Washington Hunt PDF Print E-mail
News and Original Articles

by Aaron Franz


In July of this year I received a troubling email. It was in regard to George Washington Hunt. The person emailing me had a Paypal payment returned to them after trying to order material from Hunt's website For me, it was immediately apparent that something was seriously wrong. I was lucky enough to have maintained some correspondence with Mr. Hunt, and he was always incredibly quick to respond to emails. He regularly went out of his way to keep up correspondence with me even though I had only interviewed him once on my podcast. My initial reaction to this new email was one of dread. Unfortunately my feelings were confirmed when I went to and read that Mr. Hunt had passed away.


Attention Subscribers to Trans Resister Radio PDF Print E-mail
News and Original Articles
Friday, 31 October 2014 04:00

by Aaron Franz


This is a quick update for those of you who subscribe to my podcast, Trans Resister Radio. I have been working hard lately behind the scenes. What you need to know is that the original RSS feed is being phased out, and replaced by a new feed. So, if you subscribe to Trans Resister Radio on iTunes or via the RSS feed then you will have to switch over to the new one. So how does one do this?

iTunes Subscribers

  • Go to the homepage of Look at the right hand column where it says "Subscribe to these." Click the iTunes logo. This will take you to iTunes where you will be able to subscribe to the new version of the Trans Resister Radio feed.
  • The old iTunes feed is currently still up so there will be two versions of the show. I will hopefully get the original deleted, but keep this in mind for now.

RSS Subscribers

  • Go to the homepage of Look at the right hand column where it says "Subscribe to these." Click the orange RSS logo. This will take you to the new feed where you can subscribe.

ClandesTime 037, The Conspiracy movie discussion with Tom Secker, and Adam and Aaron of Themes and Memes 9/15/2014 PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 16 September 2014 02:47



Tom Secker has Adam and Aaron on his ClandesTime podcast as guests to discuss the 2013 film, The Conspiracy. This incredibly bizarre film is prophetic in many ways, and because of this it is scrutinized for any predictive programming elements.


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