Article by Aaron Franz featured in The American Journal of Economics and Sociology

American Journal of Economics and Sociology

by Aaron Franz

Mar 19, 2017

This month marks an important milestone for me. I had an article published in the March 2017 issue of The American Journal of Economics and Sociology. This particular issue of the journal focusses on the influence of the DoD and intelligence agencies over Hollywood. There are several articles on the subject written by many good folks in Aaron's unique peer group including Pearse Redmond and Tom Secker. The journal is subscription based, so it may be difficult for most people to read the article, but listeners of Trans Resister Radio will be familiar with the sort of things that I wrote about. 

My article is titled Gray Matters on Screen: Intelligence Agencies, Secret Societies, and Hollywood MoviesIt shows similarities between intelligence agencies and secret societies. The influence of intelligence agencies on major motion pictures has definite occult qualities. 

It feels very good to be published in a respected publication like this. Many thanks are due to Pearse Redmond for inviting me onto the project. I will be appearing on his live show Porkins Policy Radio this Tuesday, Mar 21 to talk about it. Be sure to listen for some fun behind the scenes stories, info on our articles, and more.