Revolve paperback now available on

by Aaron Franz


Revolve book by Aaron Franz

My book, Revolve: Man's Scientific Rise to Godhood, is now available in print exclusively from Up until this point I had been selling copies through and shipping them out myself. The book is exactly the same as it always was, so if you want to help support me than buying the paperback version is a great way to do so. Ebook copies are also still available on Amazon

To all who bought the book direct from me, a big thank you. I signed every copy and included a DVD version of my video The Age of Transitions. I never promoted the fact that they were signed, but thought that I may as well say so here. The Lulu copies will not be signed, and will not come with a DVD. Revolve is my only book to date, but I would love to write more. If so, then I would like to offer signed copies direct from this site again. Please stay tuned to the Trans Resister Radio podcast for any and all updates. I will be doing one episode a month, so be sure to subscribe to the feed.