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Wednesday, 09 May 2012 22:16

by Aaron Franz

The bar has just been raised when it comes to predictive programming. You must (critically) watch this new video game trailer,

As stated above, this video game trailer is a textbook example predictive programming. Undoubtedly, it does a stellar job in commanding audience attention by scaring the living daylights out of anyone watching. Once terrified the viewer is then assaulted by a barrage of powerful ideas that are not so subtly dropped into their subconscious mind. The main concept being sold here is that of high tech terrorism. The not so distant future will apparently be riddled with these evil doers, and there is nothing you can do about it!!!! (extra exclamation points are added here in imitation of the trailer's tone, please try to relax for a moment)

Yes, we would all do well to sit back and think about this trailer because it is a weapon in and of itself; a psychological weapon. There are many points to consider in this regard. First and foremost is the fact that we are gravely being told by military experts that there is a dangerous proliferation of killer technologies, and that said technologies are going to cause catastrophic dangers in the near future. The obvious question to ask here is: where have these technologies come from? The answer is that they are the product of US military R&D via DARPA. That makes this trailer beyond ironic. It is akin to an abusive husband's lecture to his wife in which he tells her that she is only safe because he is there to protect her. Not only is blame shifted away from the true culprit, but a justification for their further "protection" is placed in the mind of the abused. (who is also an enabler)

So we see strategic psychological tactics employed to sell a video game that itself is designed to ramp up military recruitment. Should we be surprised by this? I have to say that I am taken aback by just how brazen this propaganda piece is. I understand choosing P.W. Singer of the Brookings Institution for this video, but Oliver North? Perhaps they are being purposely controversial, and in which case i would admittedly be playing into their trap. But let's be smart here, and keep focussing on the predictive programming aspect of this trailer.

Terrorism is key, for it is a meme (an idea) that has been used as powerful psychological weapon in our day. The changing landscape of global society has been shaped in no small way due to public reaction to major terrorist attacks. It is through the constant threat of terrorism that many basic civil liberties have been steadily stripped away. Safety and security are now our number one priorities, and this is due to the fact that we perceive terrorism as a constant phantom that can never be defeated. This trailer reinforces that threat, and keeps us nervous, on edge, and unable to attain a sense of peace within ourselves. It is truly quite damaging to the human psyche on a fundamental level.

But detractors will be quick to refute this, and label my words as dangerous in their own right. After all, terrorism is real, and we have to deal with it. This will be their argument, and one that is difficult to answer for in doing so we have to face our abuser. We must realize that abusive relationships are formed on trust. Without this, they can not function. I would classify the entire terrorism scare as a classic case of abuse, albeit one that takes place on a macrocosmic social level. So who are the real abusers in question here? Who exactly are "the terrorists"? From where do they receive their weapons and training? What answers are to be found to these questions when the fog of war dissipates?

When entertainment is produced in tandem with the military, then we have a serious problem on our hands. At the very least we are going to end up with  entertainment that is aimed at promoting our military's goals, and ramping up recruitment. This is all well and good, but what happens when our military has identified a new and universal enemy; the terrorist? What happens when "lone wolfs" and "extremists" lurk all around us? All of a sudden the battlefield expands into the territory of civilian life, for now anyone can be a terrorist. This is a very dangerous trend, and it must be understood that it is something that can be exploited strategically in order to alter society.

The technological aspect to this story is one that raises the stakes and takes our current reality to a whole new level. In a future scenario in which high technology is freely distributed to everyone, then what is the price to pay? If, in response to the threat of high tech terrorists there are further restraints placed on the common people, then what sort of freedom is this? Will people actually be denied access to potentially liberating technologies? How could technological progress ever bring about its much touted improvements to the human condition under such conditions? Could it be possible that technological development itself actually brings about more oppressive forms of society? What is really happening in our world?

If this article leaves you with more questions then answers; good. Begin exploring these questions on your own.



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