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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 16:22

James Evan Pilato, MediaMonarchy.com


James Evan Pilato is the ruler of the Media Monarchy kingdom. He is interviewed here on Trans Resister Radio to bring his opinions to the table regarding alternative media. The Alt Media series of podcasts continues here, and is not yet complete. Be sure to keep listening to Trans Resister Radio for more.


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Topics include: radio, college radio station, theater, sound design, make up a job, punk rock DIY, working, Ground Zero, internet news, 9/11 truth, conspiracy culture history, counter culture, music, movies, Alex Jones, building an empire, social media, Tragedy and Hope, seeking truth, going against mainstream, the ten thousand hour effect, wacko conspiracies, Boston Bombing, walk the talk, living in city, pressure of producing alt media, professional productions, making things better, open source journalism, creating trusted media, consistency, legend status, internet influence over mainstream media, paywalls, standup comedy


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