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Themes and Memes, podcast series

Transformers: Age of Extinction is the fourth in the current series of Transformers films. On this podcast, Adam and Aaron try to understand if this is an anti-establishment film. That would be odd seeing as how previous films in the Transformers series were made in partnership with the United States Air Force.


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Topics include: previous Transformers films, USAF, military collaboration, Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg, establishment vilified, CIA, Kelsey Grammer, transformium, nanotech, product placement, corruption, MIC, Steve Jobs, Ray Kurzweil, government and industry cooperation, technological development, terrorism, 3D films, trance state of consciousness, dream, subconscious, bad reviews, overload of action, Battleship, conspiracy, counterculture, how to make big changes, confusion, identification, China, Snowden, Mark Wahlberg, younger audience, revolutionary ideas, emotional response, relationships, overcompensation, engendering trust, dinobots, revisionist history, aliens, John Goodman, betrayal, inventors, sociopaths, hippies


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