The Mormon Transhumanist Association

By: Aaron Franz

originally posted Apr 2009


The Mormon Transhumanist Association is a "religious special-interest affiliate" of the World Transhumanist Association. The combination of religion and science still doesn't make sense to many people. Although the truth cannot be stressed enough, and that truth is that transhumanism knowingly and directly plays into our established religious paradigms. In fact science and religion are analogous when one truly understands them both.

In their document TRANSFIGURATION: PARALLELS AND COMPLEMENTS BETWEEN MORMONISM AND TRANSHUMANISM the Mormon Transhumanist Association explains why Mormons should embrace the ideas of the transhuman community.  They point out the similarities between Mormon and Transhumanist belief systems.

Mormons believe that they are "Latter-day saints", God's favored people chosen to usher in "The Millennium".

"The Millennium is an imminent and widely unexpected future period, during which a progressive transfiguration and resurrection to immortality will occur as our knowledge and power continue to increase."

This "imminent transfiguration" has commonly been expected as a spiritual rapture in which Christ returns and takes all righteous people on Earth into Heaven. You may have heard this idea from your local door-to-door Mormons. The MTA encourages Mormons to take a look at transhumanism and incorporate it's high-tech science into their religious mission. By pointing out science which could literally bring about eternal life here on Earth Mormons may have a better chance at converting people to their faith.

"For Mormons willing to engage Transhumanism, the future events toward which they look are based not only in esoteric teachings and prophecies but also in the predictions of rational and scientifically committed persons looking at the future."

Beyond this, Mormons truly believe in a coming Millennial paradise of eternal life. This utopia is also known as "the dispensation of the fulness of times", which means that the knowledge of all ages shall culminate to a point in which man may literally learn to become a God himself. This is the same idea as the Transhumanist Singularity, which will come about due to an exponential rise in scientific knowledge.

"God's work will proceed more rapidly at the end of our dispensation"

The knowledge of all past dispensations will be revealed in these "last times" in order to pave the way for a greater future. The Mormons are just one of many factions of new age cheerleaders who are looking forward to "God's Kingdom" which will unite Heaven and Earth. The Millennium will be a thousand years of peace, love, and light. This of course sounds like nonsense to most people. The transhumanists being scientifically minded would seemingly be the first to laugh at such religious hopes for the future, but this document does an excellent job of revealing the correlations between two supposedly different world-views.

Although many transhumanists are materialistic atheists, there are others who see a spiritual side to converging technologies. This group of spiritual transhumans will grow in the future as news of converging technology permeates the mainstream. Perhaps the creation of conscious artificial intelligence machines would make atheists break down and question the nature of spirit:  "The Age of Spiritual Machines", as Ray Kurzweil has put it. Religion will not go away, it has always and will always be a key component of societal cohesion. However, the society we are now stepping into is global in scale, and as such a worldwide unifying creed will be necessary. Scientific knowledge and technology will help to provide unity in this New World as well as bring about miracles of Biblical proportions. These miracles may make us ponder the significance of our own creative potential.

"the whole story of man's progress is the conversion of "miracles" into controlled and understood events."

Our naive belief that science and religion are separate will fade into the darkness of the dying age as we all become "enlightened". This is the whole point of technological Singularity; to become Gods on Earth.

"The desire to work together toward godhood is the highest and most righteous desire and the fullest manifestation of love."

This is what the esoteric meaning of the Transfiguration of Christ actually is (and has always been) - to "become as God."  During the Transfiguration Jesus is high atop a mountain where he is raised by God above Elijah and Moses. This is when God first calls Jesus "Son", symbolizing the fact that Jesus (the man) has now risen above his materialistic state of being and become divine. He is now the "Son of God". By the same philosophical process any man may transfigure himself and become divine in his own right. To get one step closer to God by identifying himself with Christ, the Son of God. Interestingly Jesus tells his apostles to keep the event of his transfiguration a secret until the "Son of Man" has risen from the dead.

"...the great and glorious day of the coming of the Son of Man advances, when He shall come to receive His Saints unto Himself, where they shall dwell in His presence, and be crowned with glory and immortality..."
-Joseph Smith

The Son of God is the medium by which one is "born again" for all eternity. Just as Christ brings everlasting life, so too shall the Son of Man grant immortality. When man succeeds in producing a transhuman "son" which can live forever he will have brought himself into his own Godhood. By emulating God, man can become divine, thus proving his own Godhood on Earth. This according to Mormon theology has been mankind's purpose from the beginning.

"We seek the spiritual and physical exaltation of individuals and their anatomies... We believe that scientific knowledge and technological power are among the means ordained of God to enable such exaltation, including realization of diverse prophetic visions of transfiguration, immortality, resurrection, renewal of this world, and the discovery and creation of worlds without end."

The Transfiguration = the Transformation of human to posthuman. the symbolic Transition from Man to God. To Transmute-the-Figure of man. This will allow him to Transcend his Earthly limitations. Transhuman is the state in between manhood and godhood, his Transport, his vehicle on the road to "Becoming". To transmute the base metals (flesh), and become gold (spirit) requires Man to become as God.

Transition, Transformation, Transcendence, Transfiguration, Transmutation, and Transhumanism can all be reduced to one philosophic Singularity...

"a whole and complete and perfect union."

I highly encourage downloading TRANSFIGURATION: PARALLELS AND COMPLEMENTS BETWEEN MORMONISM AND TRANSHUMANISM. It is important to understand that both Mormons and Transhumanists are serious when they talk about becoming gods. As technology progresses both groups will become increasingly self-righteous about their beliefs. The proverbial writing will be on the wall. Before you allow yourself to be entranced by this wall I would suggest taking a good long look at the foundation which it was built upon.