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Franz Productions, 2008

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A quick list of topics that The Age of Transitions covers:

  • Millennial expectations
  • Nano, Bio, Info, and Cognitive techologies, or "NBIC" read the report from the NSF/DOC meeting.
  • Transhumanism
  • Technological Singularity
  • Eugenics
  • Social control through knowledge of social science
  • UK MOD Strat Trends report
  • Mind control



The Age of Transitions was unleashed upon the web in 2008. Shortly after I uploaded the video it began receiving major views. It is now impossible to say for certain how many views it has gotten, but it is at least hundreds of thousands (in fact it was this high while the Google counter was still somewhat reliable). I do know that it has been posted to many websites, forums, and torrent pages. One torrent page that I saw showed downloads in the tens of thousands.


This film was created with the full intent of being freely distributed, and it is exciting to see how well it has done. I have received no money for creating this film. If you appreciate the effort that was put forth in spreading this important information, then please show your appreciation by purchasing a copy of my book Revolve. It greatly expands on the topics covered in this film. If you buy the paperback version from then you will receive a copy of The Age of Transitions on DVD as a free gift


I am currently working on a sequel to this video, an Age of Transitons 2. It should be available later this year (2012). Be sure to return to this site for updates.



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